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Hereford Heritage Garden

About the Garden

The Hereford Heritage Garden (HHG) is a student-run initiative to produce fresh produce and provide a focal point for students to learn about and immerse themselves in sustainability at Hereford. This garden is a culmination of two previous gardens: the Hereford mini farm and the Thomas Jefferson Demonstration Garden.

The HHG is a teaching garden made up of common as well as Jefferson-documented “useful” plants, including varieties used for the production of food, medicine, textiles, dyes, and other materials that sustain and enhance life. Our mission is to teach people about the continued importance of plants. Plants include fresh produce that you can eat or cook with, herbs to make tea, or simply ornamental plants. Soon, a research and recreational-focused rain garden will also be part of Hereford's garden.

Before his death in 1826, Jefferson wrote of his intentions to build a botanical garden on the edge of his Academical Village and downslope from the Anatomical Theatre (demolished in 1939). The educational garden would have been a compelling addition to Jefferson’s liberal arts campus and curriculum, providing professors and students with a forum for learning how to become self-sustaining—an important component in the foundation of an independent nation.

The Hereford Heritage Garden, part of a community that is home to both students and faculty, gives new life to Jefferson’s shared-learning approach and revitalizes the connection between Hereford and the Academical Village. The garden allows for hands-on teacher/student collaboration that encourages intellectual growth and enhances the physical characteristics of Hereford Residential College, all the while adhering to Hereford’s mission: to explore what it means to live responsibly as a sustainably-minded community.

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